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TI's fans concerned as rapper's son King Harris challenges homeless man to eat spicy chip for money

2023-09-12 19:45
King Harris offered a homeless man money to take on the spicy chip challenge, which involved resisting drinking water after consuming a Paqui chip
TI's fans concerned as rapper's son King Harris challenges homeless man to eat spicy chip for money

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: 19-year-old King Harris, son of TI and Tiny Harris, is in the spotlight after a viral video showed him offering money to a homeless man to take on the spicy chip challenge.

On Friday, September 8, the teenager engaged in the well-known "One Chip Challenge," where individuals try a spicy chip from the brand Paqui and test their ability to resist drinking water.

Harris offers homeless man spicy chip for $50

In the video, Harris can be seen giving a homeless individual a spicy chip outside a liquor store. As the video progressed, he directed the man to consume the chip and endure "five minutes" without drinking any water.

"You get $50 if you last five minutes," the young man said as he handed over the chip.

The homeless man can be seen resisting the temptation to drink water but ultimately gives in. While he didn't claim the $50 prize, Harris mentioned that he still gave him $20 for his effort, according to

“I done gave him a $20, man just so y’all know, we ain’t doing that one,” he said. “He lost though! He lost though, still gave ‘em the – you know what I’m sayin’. I done gave him the $20.”

Fans call King Harris 'disrespectful'

While Harris seemed to find the challenge entertaining, it did not go down well with the Internet.

One user wrote, "Every time I see something about his ug|y ass it’s either him acting like he gangsta, entitled asf begging for features, or being disrespectful." Another penned, "You’d think his parents didn’t raise him right. There’s always that one sibling that be gone off the deep end tho."

"Millionaire artists need to teach their children empathy. This is sad," someone tweeted. Another commented, "TI’s kid is a mark. Toying with homeless people on camera for entertainment is scumbag sh*t. F**k that kid."

"@Tip Did a horrible job raising his son! To sift on him when he was giving him issues! This so disrespectful on all levels. He gonna the 20 dollars!!" an X user wrote.

One day prior to Harris taking on this challenge, NBC News reported that Paqui was recalling the spicy chips from store shelves due to a mother's claim that her son died from participating in the challenge.

Harris has faced public criticism over the past few years for his unruly behavior, even though he was raised in a household with two successful parents.

Many social media users accused him of trying to portray an image that doesn't align with his true self, such as attempting to be a "gangster," following video footage of him engaging in a verbal altercation with a Waffle House employee.

The musician was also reportedly arrested in September last year, although the reason was never clarified.

As always, Harris remained unfazed by the negative feedback he received from the "One Chip Challenge." He subsequently posted a separate video of himself selling merchandise in the parking lot of his father's establishment, known as The Trap Museum.

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